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Betel Leaves Help in Cough and pyorrhea

The betel leaves are considered sacred in India. as they are being used in religious, spiritual and tantaric activities since ancient times. It is used as a mouth freshener after meals. These leaves are also used in herbal cure, Ayurveda and traditional medicines.
Betel Leaves
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The health benefits of betel leaf are as follows.
1. Chew 10 gram camphor in betel leaf 3-4 times a day for relief in pyorrhea. The care should be taken that instead of swallowing, the saliva should be spat out.

2. In case of injury just tie few warm betel leaves on the affected area for few hours to alleviate the pain.

3. Tie the betel leaves on injured part of the body to get relief from pain and swelling. 

4. In cough it is better to put a little heated turmeric in a betel leaf and chew it for some time. If the problem persists, add parsley instead of turmeric. Put a little turmeric and thyme seeds or ajwain in the betel leaf and chew before going to bed to get relief from chronic cough.

5. In case of kidney problems chew raw betel leaves without putting anything in it and avoid the use of spices.  It also strengthens the kidney functions.

6. In case of burn injuries, the warm juice of betel leaves gives relief. Apply the warn juice of betel leaves on burns and blisters to get relief and to repair the damaged skin.  

7. It helps in jaundice fever, jaundice, fever and constipation.

8. When taken with clove, it helps in cold. Chew a clove wrapped in betel leaf to get relief in cold. It helps in respiratory disorders. Massage the warm betel oil on chest for a week to get relief from respiratory disorders. .  

9. It increases the appetite, quenches the thirst and gives relief from gum problems.
10. The tropical application of the warm paste of betel leaves with coconut oil helps in arthritis and swelling.

11. It is anti-diabetic and analgesic and gives relief in migraine too.

12. A few drops of betel leaf juice and a little honey acts as a tonic for the nervous system and gives relief in cough.

13. The intake of betel leaf with ripe betel nut and mulathi or liquorice root or jethi-madh relaxes the mood.


The excessive use of betel leaves may cause mouth cancer and here the benefits are related to its medicinal use only.
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