Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Yoga for Magical Nap Meditation

It has been found that the people generally feel drowsy in the workplace due to tiredness, or fatigue or overwork. It so happens that the eyelids involuntarily start closing, despite the efforts on the contrary. It damages the image and creates bad reputation among the colleagues. It also increases the mental tension and affects the working potential.

Better to take a Nap
Wikimedia Commons by Frank Kovalchek
The nap meditation is the best way to avoid this situation and to get recharged again. The method to perform this yoga exercise is very easy. Either sitting or standing or in whatever position position you are , get stable and just close the eyes for a minute and start meditating about the nap. 

During meditation take deep breaths and feel the air inhaled and exhaled. Open the eyes after one minute. This yogic exercise could be performed any time, as it gives the freshness of eight hours sleep and reactivates the working of the brain. But it is not a substitute of routine sleep. 

This yogic exercise alleviates the mental tension and stress; regulates the breathing; gives energy to lungs and heart; and gives relief to the eyes. For those working continuously on computer, it is advisable to perform this exercise after each hour.
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