Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Wonderful Seeds of Jack- fruit for Diabetes

The jackfruit is known as kathal in India. It is a common vegetable, the seeds of which are generally thrown away, as the people do not relish its taste. But these seeds are very nutritious and beneficial for overall health. 
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They are the storehouse of the huge amount of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B. 

They also contain minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc, and phosphorus.

The raw seeds of jackfruit could be taken by frying them or grinding them into a paste. The seeds stop the hair fall and are good for the proper functioning of liver. 

They are found to control diabetes and increase blood flow.

They are good in constipation and add to the facial glow. 

The contents in them fight against cancer too.

Other Benefits of Jackfruit 

The jackfruit or Kathy is the non-vegetarian substitute for vegans not only in terms of taste but also due to its nutrients.

The 100 gram of jackfruit contains 303 mg potassium, 37-gram magnesium, 24 gm carbohydrates, 0.108 gram vitamin B6, 94 calories, 14 msg folate, and Vitamin A, C, and Thymine.

Due to the rich amounts of potassium, it is very beneficial in blood pressure.

It is also good for the patients of diarrhea and asthma.

Being full of vitamin C and antioxidants, it is very good at reducing the risks of peptic ulcer.

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