Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Right Posture for Computer

1. The Right Posture

Taking of right posture is necessary for those who sit before computer for longer duration. The problems like pain in back, waist, knees and legs occur, if the posture is defective. We have to work in wrong way if the posture is wrong. It means more stress leading to increased pain in body, hands and fingers. The best position for the body is when it gets a chance for easy movements like sitting, bending and working. It is better to understand the right posture for working on computer.

2. The Wrong Posture

Keep the bones and Joints straight

The hands and feet should not be in bent or crooked position while sitting for longer duration. Do not bend the knees and keep the waist erect. Maintain a right gap between your seat and computer, so that the monitor is properly visible. Proper sitting reduces the stress on back bone and other bones.

Before starting the work on computer, it is better to adjust the chair and sit erect by keeping the shoulders straight for some time. It will program your body to adopt the right posture.

Use Cushion or Towel

Put a cushion or folded towel on the chair for back support. Give support to the back by pressing it backwards now and then. Change the position to 10 degrees after some time. Raise the arms or spread them to get additional relief.

Distance from Computer

To reduce stress on eyes and eyesight, it is better to sit at a fixed distance from the computer. Don’t sit inside the computer.  The proper distance is the visible distance. Increase the font size to reduce stress. You can fold the legs, if it relieves.   

Take a Break

If you continuously work on computer, it is advisable to take a break of 2 minutes after every half an hour. Sit and close the eyes for a while. It will alleviate the stress and give relief to the eyes. You can relax the arms by moving them up and down.

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