Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Stevia- The Sugar Substitute in Diabetics

Now a day the increase in calorie intake is very common, but stevia reduces the risk of calorie boost as it has no glucose contents in it. The people suffering from diabetics and sugar are advised not to eat sweet things. But the plant of stevia rebadiana is a boon for the diabetic patients. It has become a sugar free substitute of sugar without any side effects.
The cultivated plant of Stevia rebaudiana,
Wikimedia Commons by Gabriela F. Ruellan 

Stevia is about 300 times sweeter than common sugar, but it is calorie free and is the best sugar free option or a tonic for diabetes. It does not need any enzyme for digestion and does not increase the blood glucose levels.

It contains a chemical called stevioside, which imparts it a sweet taste. About three to four crops of stevia can be taken in a year. The scientists are of the opinion that the mixture of steviocide and rabadiocide could be given as a substitute of sugar. It is being used to manufacture several sugar free products.

The sweetness of stevia is free of calories and it does not take part in the metabolic processes of the body. 
The leaves of stevia are used for their sweetness and it is also called a honey plant. 

It is being commercially produced in Japan since 1968. It is being used for the last several years in the countries like Brazil and Paraguay too. The plant has come from Japan, but now it is being cultivated throughout the world. 

The experimental use of stevia began first in South India and then in North India in the later decades of 20th century.

The steviocide and rabadiocide is extracted from the leaves of the plant and the mixture is used as a substitute of sugar.

Stevia is a bushy plant which is a source of calorie free sugar. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has appeared, as an ideal sugar substitute of zero calories, for the patients of diabeties.

This evergreen plant survives for five years. The plant can be grown in kitchen garden, flower pots, or in the fields if needed on large scale.

The farming of stevia is done as a natural alternative to replace the artificial substitutes of sweet and sugar like sodium saccrine and espertim.

Other Benefits of Stevia are as follows.

1. It is also good in heart problems like blood pressure and hypertension.

2. It helps in several diseases of stomach like gastric, stomach inflammation etc.

3. It is best for the tooth decay and the cavities in teeth. 
4. It also has anti-ageing properties, reduces the wrinkles and helps in several skin diseases.
5. It can be used in tea, coffee, milk etc. by boiling 5- 6 leaves per cup.

6. It is like a boon in obesity as the principal cause of obesity is sugar. If taken in absence of diabetes it reduces the chances of increased blood sugar and obesity.
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