Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sprouted Food for Health and Hair Loss

The nutritious food is essential for health, as it gives energy to the people of all ages. There are several foods which are beneficial for the health. The secret to healthy life lies in sprouted pulses, as such healthy food gives energy to the people of all ages. Out of several healthy foods, the sprouted cereals, grains and pulses are the best.

Sprouted Foods
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The seasonal foods like salad, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, radish, beetroot, cabbage, etc are very beneficial for health and they become wonderful health supplements if sprouted pulses are added to them. 

It is better to include the pulses like kidney beans, gram, cow-pea, peanuts, lentils, wheat etc., along with salads including carrot, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, gourd, radish, beet etc. The sprouted moong or green gram, gram, masur or pink lentil and peanut give energy to the body.

The sprouted pulses have medicinal benefits in several diseases. Besides health they provide defense against several diseases. 

They contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, besides being an excellent source of fiber. The sprouted pulses give minerals and energy to the body. They are good for tiredness, remove toxins from body and fight the acidity caused due to junk food.

The sprouted pulses contain several nutrients and minerals which could not be generally available in fresh fruits and vegetables. They provide the nutrients which are sometimes missing in vegetables if they are not fresh.
They remove tiredness, pollutants, acids and the effects of junk food and increase the levels of energy.

They purify the blood which results in skin nourishment and make the hair healthy. They nourish the hair roots and are good for hair loss too, for which a handful of sprouted pulse should be taken at breakfast. They give nourishment to the hair. They purify the blood in clean skin and healthy hair.  

They are the rich source of oxygen in the body and thus help in killing several bacteria and virus in the body. The oxygenated food is best against several viruses and bacteria.

They are the rich source of vitamin B and vitamin C too and form a balanced diet which is good for overall health.

They sprouted pulses improve the digestion and are full of antioxidants. 

They give enough proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to the body which are the neserray requirements of food. 

They are the rich source of fiber which keeps the digestive system in proper shape on one hand and keeps the stomach full between the meals. That is why they are good in acidity and stomach ulcers and help in avoiding the urge of junk foods. 

Keeping the pulses soaked in water overnight increases their nutrient value. 
It is better to soak the pulses in water for at least 8 hours for proper sprouting. 
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