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Prolonged Sitting Deteriorates the Body

Continuous sitting for longer duration causes injury and increased stress on the backbone. The spinal osteoarthritis or the inability to bend down or move the waist is caused by prolonged sitting. It tears the cartilages in the vertebra and leads to the problem in vertebral joints.
Health Problems of  Prolonged Sitting
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It is linked with increased appetite, more belly fat, raised mortality, back pain, and obesity. The blood flow to the muscles of heart neck, shoulders, limbs, and lower back gets restricted due to prolonged sitting. The immobility reduces the blood supply and causes brain impairment.

The badly affected metabolism of the body due to the decreased burning of fats degenerate the muscles. It decreases the stretch time for hip muscles, which ultimately become immobile in old age. It reduces the length of telomeres which protect the end of chromosomes and are made of DNA and proteins. The long telomeres stop the cell damage and affect the life of cells, while the shorter ones are linked to several age-related diseases.

The problems like organ damage, high blood pressure, and raised cholesterol are also caused by sitting. It doubles the chances of heart diseases, as the poor blood circulation allows the fatty acids to sit and clog the heart. The lack of body movement causes leg disorders. The hip and lower-body bones become weak and cause osteoporosis. It also affects the shape of the backbone, causes disk degeneration and leads to severe pain in waist and hips. It causes overall loss and deterioration of the body.

Walk for 5 Minutes After an Hour of Sitting

Prolonged Sitting
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If you work for long hours on the desk then it is better to get up and take a little walk of 5 minutes after every hour. According to a research, those working for longer hours, by sitting at a single place need a little walk after each hour to reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

It has been found that walks of 5 minutes alleviate the bad effect on the arteries of the feet as the muscles become sluggish and numb and fail to circulate the blood to the heart. 

It also badly impairs the blood carrying capability of the arteries and the blood circulation in the legs gets impaired.

The prolonged sitting is related to the endothelial process which is the primary cause of heart-related problems. 

Taking a break and walking in the room for 5 minuted delays the endothelial process. The endothelial process becomes active after a sitting of one hour. 

Therefore it has been advised to walk for 5 minutes after each hour of sitting.

The Fatal After Effects of Prolonged Sitting

Those who remain sitting on the chair or watch the television for longer durations do not live longer. The sitting deprives the body of physical activity which reduces the lifespan.
Smoking causes cancer and heart attack but the person with a habit of prolonged sitting not only suffers from these two diseases but also acquires several other diseases.
The researchers have proved that a risk of death due to different diseases caused by prolonged sitting is 27%, while that due to television watching is 19%.
Throughout the day the working people in cities sit in the office chairs for several hours or otherwise watch the televisions at home. Herein lie the risk and the danger and it is appropriate to get acquainted with the gravity of the situation and change the lifestyle accordingly.

Sitting is Fatal
The sedentary lifestyle causes several diseases. In reality, it means the routine or lifestyle in which the people pass their maximum time. The people do not get time for physical activity or yoga or exercises or any workout due to lethargy or the nature of their work.

The body, as a result, becomes slow due to prolonged sitting at home or in offices. It causes several diseases on one hand and the weak immune system on the other.

The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting
The diseases like diabetes high blood pressure and heart diseases occur due to the sitting for longer durations.
The sitting disturbs the normal flow of the blood in the body and the pain occurs in the back and muscles.

Increase in Cholesterol
The problem of blood pressure occurs due to prolonged sitting and the cholesterol levels also increase. Several heart-related diseases occur due to a sedentary lifestyle.

It is better not to remain sitting for the whole time while in office, Take little short breaks, walk for a while and stretch the body.

The risks get reduces if a person goes for the physical activity for at least an hour a day. 
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