Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Let the Tears Fall for Health

Tears are good for health
Like laughing, the weeping is also necessary for health. Whenever you are sad and feel like crying, then do not stop the tears but allow them to fall. 

The recent researches too have corroborated the fact, that the tears give relief and drive away several diseases. They are good for the health of the heart. 

They are the pearls of health. But excessive weeping is not good and is counterproductive.
The forbidden tears are not good for health as they may cause stress, depression, pensiveness, anger, dissatisfaction and irritation and illness. 

The Greeks and Romans were well acquainted with these facts. That is why Aristotle coined the term “catharsis” in tragedy, meaning the expurgation of the soul. Because the tragedy arouses the feeling of pity and fear which remain dormant in our psyche.

The tears are helpful to cure several health problems, like headache, stiff neck, giddiness, etc. 

According to psychiatrists, the women live longer, because they relieve their hearts by shedding few tears, while the men get involved in several health problems by controlling their tears, due to their ego or the social stigma, or the reason that the brave man should not weep, or tears are for the cowards. 

So whenever there is any mental shock, just shed few tears and become fresh and sprightly like a child.

Photo Credit- Reji Jacob
Image URL- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9d/Tears_.jpg/800px-Tears_.jpg
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