Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How to Improve the Eyesight

Eye Exercise of Focusing

Eyes are the gifts of nature which enable us to behold the beauties of the world. We should thus be extra careful to protect them as long as we are alive. Some certain causes like overuse of mobile phones,  computers, television, laptop etc., reduce the night vision.

Avoid Bright Light

But the vision could be improved by taking some precautions in case of night blindness.
Avoid sharp light especially during night. The bright light causes more harm when we come from darkness to light. So avoid bright lights at home. Don't stare at the street lights or flash lights or the lights of vehicles.

Relax the eyes

Perform eye exercises to improve the vision. The eye relief exercises sooth the eye and improve the vision. Place both the hands on the eyes and relax the eye muscles.


The liquid in the eyes keeps the eyes moist and gives relief to the muscles of eyes. The loss in the amount of this liquid causes redness in the eyes, itching and pain. The winking also maintains the levels of this liquid. So it is better to wink during work and avoid staring at the things for longer duration.

Photo Credit-Tuong Yen
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