Saturday, 25 October 2014

How to Detoxify the Body

The Right Dart
Wikimedia Commons by Oliver Delgado
The overall health depends on environment, as it affects the levels of hormones in the body.

Innumerable synthetic chemicals like plastics, insecticides,pesticides etc are present in environment. 

These toxins mimic the role of estrogen in our bodies, leading to cancers, infertility and many other diseases caused by hormonal imbalance.

The change in diet and lifestyle is necessary to achieve the overall health.

To detoxify the environment, drink pure water, contained in steel and not in plastic containers. Always use glass rather than plastic for drinks.

Do not heat foods in plastic utensils and old newspapers. Use paper bags to store the fruits or vegetables.

Eat organic food and thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables to remove the chemicals.

Use natural detergents and avoid canned food. Cook food by steaming or grilling instead of deep-frying.

Avoid alcohol, dairy, fatty foods and medical drugs as far as possible. Use organic and grass fed meat. 

Avoid perfumes and use aluminum free natural deodorants on clothes rather than on skin. Also use natural skin products.

Do not remain in sun between 11 AM  to 3 PM. Try to spend as little time in traffic as possible.
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