Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How to Cope with Cold and Flu in Winter

Avoid Antibiotics in Cold and Flu

The people generally become careless in winter and get afflicted with several diseases like cold and flu. To avoid these winter ailments we have to be extra careful about dress code and eating habits.

The blood pressure gets reduced in winter and the asthmatic people suffer the most.

The following precautions should be taken about the stalking cold weather.
Wash the hand as many times as possible. Avoid touching the face with your own hands.

Don’t touch or shake hands with the person suffering from cold. Avoid touching the virus infected door handles.

Make it a habit to take vitamin C daily, as it strengthens the immune system and aids in recovery. This vitamin is water soluble and its presence in body needs to be replenished.

Avoid stress and tension as it reduces the disease fighting capabilities of the body.

Exercise daily for half an hour to get strength to fight with cold and flu.

Cold and Flu

There is a little difference between cold and flu as the latter comes violently and is more painful. Both cold and flu occur due to virus and thus cannot be cured by antibiotics. The symptoms of flu include severe pain in legs, feeling of high fever and tiredness. It is more contagious and viral than cold.

The best course in flu is to take enough rest, go for liquid diet and avoid exercises.

First of all the throat pain and infection occurs before cold and flu. During this time it is better to take tea, coffee honey and warm lemon water.

The gurgles of warm water containing little salt after every half an hour give relief in pain and restlessness.

After recovery, the feeling of running or choked nose persists for some time.

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