Saturday, 18 October 2014

Heath Benefits of Vitamin D

The overexposure to sunlight causes sunburn and may lead to increased risks of skin cancer. But the moderate exposure and healthy levels of sunlight are safe and necessary for health. Because the benefits of sunbathing outweigh the skin cancer risks. The vitamin D received from sunlight lowers the risk of many other cancers.

The links between low vitamin D levels and Parkinson’s and bone disease; blood clots and diabetes; heart disease and high blood pressure, have been ascertained by the researchers. A regular exposure to sunlight have been found to help the people especially women to live longer. 
The sunbathing also reduces the risks of breast cancer.

We spend less time in sunlight as our ancestors did. Even the ancient civilizations recognized the healing power of sunlight.The people of Egypt worshiped the sun's healing powers in ancient times and made good use of them. The Greeks and Romans also knew about the healing powers of sunlight. A Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to a Danish doctor, Niels Finsen in 1903, for his discovery that tuberculosis could be cured by the rays of the sun. Now the patients with tuberculosis, rickets and war wounds are exposed to the healing powers of sunlight. 

The sunlight regulates the mood and sets our internal clock in proper order. It can alleviate tiredness, increase libido, provides alertness, and reduces depression. A limited exposure to ultraviolet type B rays synthesis the vitamin D in the body. The vitamin D helps to build and maintain strong bones, and protects the body from colon, breast, prostate and many other cancer types.
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