Thursday, 23 October 2014

Digestion Improved by Kefir

Kefir Grains
The word kefir has originated from the Turkish word Keif which means good feeling. 
It is a hand-crafted, effervescent and fermented drink made from milk. 

This cultured and pro-bio-tic beverage, is rich in enzymes and contains friendly microbes, which help to balance the inner-ecosystem of digestive tract. 

Kefir is made from live Kefir grains. Like wheat or barley, the kefir grain does not contain any grain, but the look of kefir culture resembles that of a grain. The water grains and milk g rains are the types of kefir grains. 

In a poly saccharine matrix, both types of grains are a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The former are cultured in a solution of sugar and water, or in natural fruit juices containing sugar, or water of fresh coconut. Whereas the latter are cultured in dairy including the milk of cow, goat, buffalo, sheep, camel etc.

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