Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Dangers of Reducing the Carbohydrates in Weight Loss

The fiber in complex carbohydrates, grain, 
fruit, and vegetables-can reduce the body's 
absorption of fructose, even from fruit which is
naturally high in the sugar.
Wikimedia Commons by Keith Weller

The choice of food is responsible for mood swings, attitudes, thoughts and overall health. The carbohydrates are considered to cause obesity, but completely excluding them is not advisable as they the source of energy to the body. Instead the complex carbohydrates are the best for obesity and overall health. 

Obesity is caused due to sedentary life style on one hand and the increased stress level or eating habits on the other.

Not the carbohydrates but the lack of healthy diet and absence of exercise is responsible for several health disorders.

People are now going for carbohydrate free diet and sometimes just resort to vary little diet. On the other hand the diet consisting of millet and complex carbohydrates is good for health and weight loss.

The carbohydrates are of two types, the simple and the complex ones. The former consist of processed and refined foods like white flour, honey, molasses, sugars, breads, fruits containing higher amount of natural sugar ( though vital for vitamins and minerals) etc. and the latter are rich in fiber like millet, maize, whole wheat flour, arrow root, brown rice, bananas, yam, root vegetables, broccoli, beans, lentils etc.

The complex carbohydrates are very necessary as they are the source of vitamins and minerals on one hand and also synthesize them on the other. They delay the stomach emptying process and help in slow rise in blood sugar levels.

Completely avoiding carbohydrates from the diet has adverse effects on health. In the absence of energy giving carbohydrates the body starts using the proteins, which are the building blocks of the body. Reduction in proteins changes the tissue synthesis. The body here also uses the fats, but it also produces stones which affects brain and other vital organs.

So carbohydrates should not be drastically reduced in diet. The intake of fats and sugars should be reduced for weight loss. 

Instead of complex carbohydrates the simple carbohydrates should be reduced.
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