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Bitter Gourd- Improves Digestion and Paralysis

The bitter gourd is indeed bitter in taste but it has several health benefits. It is a nutritious and healthy vegetable and helps in several diseases including malnutrition. Its scientific name is momordica charantia and it is found in the tropical regions of Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Its shape is hideous with rough surface. It is also known as bitter melon and bitter squash.
Bitter Gourd
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It has mores medicinal advantages, as compared to any other fruit or vegetable. 
It is not an oily food but has dry effects. It is a storehouse of vitamins, proteins, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, sugar, beta carotene, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and several vitamins. 

1. Take bitter gourd in cough as the phosphorus contained in it acts against cough and phlegm. 

2. It improves digestion and increases the appetite. The regular intake of bitter gourd improves the digestive system and gives relief in constipation. It has cold effects and is good in problems caused by hot weather.

3. The boiled vegetable dish of bitter gourd without frying is best in asthma.

4. It is beneficial in paralysis too. The affected person should take raw bitter gourd for relief.

5. It is good in nausea, cholera and diarrhea, when its juice is taken with little water and black salt. 

6. It is good in the lever problems for which two tablespoons of juice are taken 3-4 times a day with a cup of water till recovery.

7. In jaundice grind the raw bitter gourd in water and ingest twice a day.

8. The best use of bitter gourd is in diabetes, as its bitterness reduces the blood sugar levels. Dry the pieces of bitter gourd in shade and make a powder of it. Regularly take a tablespoon of it in the morning with water to get relief in diabetes. 

9. It purifies the blood and increases the hemoglobin. 

10. In case of piles a tablespoon each of the juice of bitter gourd and sugar should be taken for a month.

11. It is also helpful in arthritis and the juice of the leaves should be massaged on hands and feet in case of burning sensation.

12. The intake of the juice of bitter gourd and lemon in the morning helps to reduce the weight. It removes the toxic substances and excess fats from the body. 

13. It is good in skin problems when the paste of the leaves of bitter gourd is applied on affected areas.

14 The paste is also used in burn injuries and headache.

14. The paste mixed with a little black pepper is applied on eyelids during the sty problem. 

15. It is good in stomach disorders, fever, blood cholesterol etc.

16. It helps in malaria and should be taken during the onslaught of the disease.

17. It also helps in cirrhosis and proper functioning of the kidneys. 

18. The intake of bitter gourd as a vegetable and the application of the paste of it at night before going to bed gives relief from pimples, acnes and other skin problems.

19. The presence of minerals and vitamins in bitter gourd increase the immune system to fight even the deadly cancer.


The people having  the probelm of stomach ulcer should avoid the intake of bitter gourd. 
The excessive intake of bitter gourd may cause chest inflammation.
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