Saturday, 18 October 2014


Anemia is the deficiency of blood in the body. It is a very common malady. As compared to natural supplements the body fails to properly assimilate the nutrients from the tablets of vitamins, minerals and salts. 
Iron Deficiency World Map
Wikimedia Commons by Lokal_Profil

The blood mainly contains white and the red blood corpuscles. The former are responsible for the immune system of the body while the anemia is caused by the deficiency of red blood corpuscles in the body. 

Anemia is caused by indigestion, physical or mental weakness, excessive menstrual blood flow, eating habits, loss of appetite and failure to form the the blood.

Hemoglobin is 80 to 100 % in the blood and the anemia is caused when it comes down to 50 to 70 %. 

The symptoms are the pale skin, weakness, tiredness, shaking of hands, numbness of hands and feet, menopause etc.

The treatment includes intake of sufficient fruit juice containing lemon, salads, vegetable soups and enough iron. 

For the intake of iron it is better to cook vegetables in the utensils made of iron. The blood is formed by natural iron contained in foods, tomatoes, raisin, date,and dry fruits.
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