Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tips for Pneumonia

The children are more prone to pneumonia. It is better to get acquainted with the ways and means to save the children from the onslaught of pneumonia. The disease could be checked with medicines, nutritious food, clean environment and vaccination.

Symptoms of Pneumonia
The respiratory problem, harsh sound in breathing, chest and stomach pain, bluish nails, nausea, vomiting and tiredness.

Home Remedies
1. Keep the body covered as pneumonia is caused when the body catches cold. The cold enters through feet and head, so keep the entire body covered.
2. Give almonds and munaka or raisin or corinth or currant to the child to increase the immune system to fight the disease.
3. Honey is very beneficial to save the children from pneumonia. Give honey with the oil of kalonji or nigella stevia.
4. The olive oil is of hot characteristic. Massage the head of thechild with olive oil at night before going to bed. It will keep the child warm and save the child from pneumonia.
5. Take care of the diet of the child. Give enough nutrients to increase the immune system.

Friday, 12 August 2016

The Health Benefits of the Juice of Indian Goseberries

It is a fact that health is wealth. The beginning of the day with a glass of the juice of Indian gooseberry keeps fresh and energetic throughout the day. The intake of juice in empty stomach gives relief from several health problems.
Indian Gooseberry or Amla
Wikimedia Commons by Gladstone Machado

1. Acidity and Gastric
The problem of acidity is very common due to the intake of spicy and junk food. The Indian gooseberry juice can provide relief from these problems due to the presence of powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in it. It also helps to reduce the toxic levels of the digestive system to provide relief from stomach pain and other problems. 

2. Cold and Flu
Indian gooseberries have several medicinal properties and it helps in giving relief in cold and flu.

3. Growth of Black Hair
The regular intake of the juice of Indian Gooseberries is a boon for hair. It helps in speedy growth of strong and black hair.

4. Controls Diabetes
Indian gooseberries contain rich amounts of gallic acid, Gallo tannin, Ellagic acid and corilagin which reduce the levels of blood glucose. Therefore don’t forget to take a glass of the juice of Indian gooseberries in the morning.

5. Mouth Ulcers
The Indian gooseberry juice helps to give relief in mouth ulcers.

6. Glowing Skin
The presence of antioxidants in Indian gooseberries helps to retard the effects of growing age and keeps the skin wrinkle free, glowing and supple.

7. Helps in Cancer
The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Indian gooseberries together with the presence of vitamin C in it helps to reduce the risks of several types of cancer.

8. Controls Cholesterol
A glass of the juice of Indian gooseberries helps to reduce the levels of increased cholesterol in the body. But the regular intake of juice increases the cholesterol.