Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Health Benefits of Eating in Leaf Plates

The traditional knowledge of nature cure of the use of more than 2000 species of herbs is available in India. But just 5-6 species are used by the people in their daily life.

Generally the food in Indian villages is served in the plates of banana leaves. In modern age it would be better to switch to the use of leaf trays or leaf plates. It would help to save the environment, energy, water and the time used in dishwashing
Leaf Plate
Wikimedia Commons by Nirmal Dulal

The extract of the leaves leech or ooze out from the plates and get mixed up into the food.

1. Banana is very beneficial for health and eating in banana leaves helps in digestion.

2. Eating in the trays of the leaves of Palash or Butea monosperma is very beneficial in the diseases caused by the impurity of the blood. It is also good for the digestive system. The leaves of palash with white flowers are better than that of red ones. The leaf trays of white flowered palash are very useful in piles. The leaves of palash are joined together by small stubs to make the palate of desired size.   

3. The intake of food in the plates made from the leaves of Karanj or Indian beech is very beneficial for arthritis.  The fresh leaves arer more useful than the old ones.

4. The plates made from the leaves of Cassia or Amaltas is very useful in paralysis
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