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Home Remedies to Control Vomiting and Nausea

The forceful expulsion of the contents of stomach through mouth is called vomiting.Vomiting occurs due to several reasons like eating stale or polluted food, illness, pregnancy, drinking, bacterial infection, stomach infection, brain tumor, head injury, etc.

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The feeling of vomiting is known as nausea and it is the symptom not the reason.

Home Remedies
1. Add equal amount of honey and basil juice and drink it for nausea or vomiting.

2. Taking a tablespoon of mint juice 5-6 times a day stops vomiting.

3. The intake of 1-2 tablespoons of the carbonated free drink is best for vomiting. It relieves the digestive system as such syrups contain carbohydrates which sooth the stomach.

4. Another best option is the root of ginger. Either take the ginger tea or ginger capsules. Ginger strengthens the digestive system and stops the ejection of HCl from the stomach walls which irritate the food pipe and cause vomiting.  

5. Sprinkle black salt on a piece of lemon and put it in the mouth to terminate the feeling of vomiting.

6. It is better to eat bread crumbs or popcorns in case of vomiting due to drinking, as these things absorb the residual alcohol in the stomach.

7. Do not eat any solid food upto 12 hours after vomiting. Rather take sufficient water and fruit juice, to reduce the risks of dehydration.

8. Always drink simple water in such cases and avoid the intake of carbonated drinks, as they increase inflammation in stomach and intestines. 

9. Avoid the intake of oily, greasy, heavy, spicy foods which are difficult to be digested and support the process of vomiting.

10. The intake of a tablespoon of onion juice after small intervals is also beneficial.

11. Do not sleep immediately after taking food.

12. Sleep towards right or on right arm as it will stop the flow of stomach material towards the mouth.

13. Add honey to a glass of drinking water to get relief in vomiting.

14. The intake of peppermint also helps in nausea. Peppermint could be taken with betel leaf too.

15. The intake of a tablespoon of the powder of jeera or cumin seeds give complete relief in vomiting.

16. The intake of boiled rice water taken after the cooking of rice is a very old home remedy for vomiting.  

17.  Put 1-2 cloves in the mouth or as an alternative go for dalchini (cinnamon) or green elaichi (cardamom). These spices act as anti vomiting herbs and are very effective.

18. Licking a pinch of the powder of hurd or myrobalan is also beneficial.

19. The syrup of ajwain or carom or thyme seeds with peppermint and camphor immediately stops the vomitings.

20. It is advisable to put 2-3 fingers in the mouth upto the throat so that the nausea causing substances are ejected from out of the stomach.  
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