Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Benefits of Papaya for Digestion and Heart

Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sakurai Midori
Papaya helps in different diseases and takes care of the stomach and skin too.
It is beneficial in obesity, digestive disorders and the loss of appetite. It should be included in regular diet chart.

Helps in Digestion
Papaya is like a boon to the stomach. The intake of ripe papaya in the morning acts as an appetiser. It contains a compound called pepsin which helps in digestion. The daily intake of papaya strengthens the digestive system and the intestines. 

The ripe papaya is the best digestive supplement, good appetizer and controls obesity. Eating the ripe or unripe papaya as a vegetable helps in digestion. 

The juice of ripe or unripe papaya helps in diarrhea and constipation.The juice of papaya helps in sour belches and acidity.

Grind 8-10 seeds of ripe papaya and mix it with half a cup of water and drink it for a week to kill the tapeworms.

Other Benefits
Eating unripe papaya in the form of vegetable increases the milk of the mothers who breast feed the children.

The juice of ripe papaya helps in headache, sleeplessness, regulates urine flow and cures urine related problems.

It is good for heart problems and heart patients. The juice of the leaves of papaya helps in high blood pressure and regulates the heart palpitations.

It helps in speedy healing of wounds.

It is very beneficial for the blood coming out with coughing and helps to stop such bleeding.

It also helps in blood piles and gives complete relief in it. 
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