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Several Health Benefits of Mulberries

Mulberries are known for its strange taste. Like mango, it effectively saves from sunstroke. It is the best source of proteins, vitamin C, folic acid, and glucose. It also contains minerals like potassium, potassium, calcium, fiber, iron, copper and several micronutrients. 
Mulberries in all states of ripeness on tree
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It could be taken in several forms. The people prefer to sprinkle black pepper and salt on thoroughly washed mulberry. 

The raw mulberry is taken in the form of a vegetable by cooking it on mild heat. This vegetable helps in several diseases of the stomach. 

It is also taken in the form of jelly, ice cream and jam. It is used in the production of several other nutritious products. 

Due to its excess production, it is the favorite fruit in South India. 

Fruit of summer

The dehydration or water loss occurs in summer and mulberry maintains the balance of water in the body as it contains 91% water.

It helps in constipation, diarrhea, and digestion. It is very effective in nausea and vomiting too. 

It is effective in the diseases of the brain.   

It is good for the diabetic patients as it contains 30% sugar.

It is good for eyes and removes several disorders of the vision. 


The sorbet of mulberries is very beneficial and saves from sunstroke in summer. It maintains the water level in the body and helps in fever and cough. 

It kills the worms in the stomach, strengthens the digestive system and purifies the blood. 

It removes the itching of the throat and helps in cold and flu. 

It helps in a headache and alleviates stress and irritation. 

Medicinal Properties

The leaves and bark of mulberries have several medicinal properties which are beneficial for overall health. The bark infusion helps in itching of the throat and alleviates swelling. The application of the paste of the leaves of mulberry helps in skin infections and ringworm. The paste of the seeds of mulberry removes the blisters of the feet and heels. 

Thresveratrolol present in mulberries removes the toxic and infection-causing substances and from the body. The resveratrol is good for overall health. 

Anti Aging and Removes Wrinkles

It has anti-aging properties and makes the skin young healthy and supple. It helps in removing the facial wrinkles too. The intake of the juice of mulberries removes the wrinkles. 

The juice gives an extra glow to the face and skin

Hair Care

Mulberry is good for the hair as 79% antioxidant in it helps in the growth of black hair.
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