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The Habits Affecting the Health of the Liver

The liver is the most important organ of the body and it is time to worry if it fails to function properly. It is risky to avoid the symptoms of liver disorders, but even then the people become careless about them. Those who think that they abstain from alcohol and hence their liver is safe are wrong. Here are the few habits which are dangerous for the health of the lever. 

1. Drinking Habit
Anatomy of the human abdomen,
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The alcohol is the chiefest enemy of the liver. The intake of the alcohol expands the liver and then it contracts. Soon a stage comes that the liver becomes so small that it fails to function properly. Alcohol is a slow poison for the liver. 
Generally the complete liver failure occurs among those who take excess amount of alcohol for longer durations. So it is better to avoid alcohol or take it in moderate amounts. 

2. Use of Medicines 
The overuse of certain medicines is dangerous for the liver. Generally the people take the painkillers or analgesics even without consulting the physician. The painkillers dangerously damage the liver and the kidneys. On the other hand the people resort to taking medicines for fitness or weight loss as they get motivated by the advertisements. These medicines also damage the liver. The heavy dose of paracetamol, also damages the liver and this damage is double than than other medicines. 

3. Insufficient Sleep
The insufficient sleep or the loss of sleep or sleeplessness cause several damages, about which there is least awareness and this reason goes on increasing the damages. According to the study published in the Journal of Anatomy, the loss of sleep creates pressure on the liver. So the minimum sleep of at least 8 hours is necessary for the proper functioning of the lever and other parts of the body.  

4. Excess Protein Intake
The excessive intake of proteins is damaging for the body. The intake of proteins without sufficient carbohydrates increases the liver related problems. So it is advisable to take vegetables and starch with mutton and eggs. 

5. Obesity
The overeating gives excess fats to the body. This comes out of the storing cells and gets accumulates in liver. The fatty liver increases the chances of cancer and heart attack. So take care of the type of food and do regular exercises. The habit of neglecting these two things will cause obesity which may lead to the damages to the liver.  

How to Take Care of Liver
It is said that prevention is better than cure and we can try on our own to keep the liver healthy. 
i). Take purified water.
ii). Avoid junk, stale and dirty food. 
iii). Avoid alcohol. 
iv). Go for Lever Functioning Tests after the age of 40. 

The Diseases Caused by the Liver Disorder

Live is the most vital organ of the body. It helps in the digestion of the food and performs an important role in the chemical reactions within in body.
A person becomes afflicted with several diseases when it fails to perform properly or does not perform at all. The following diseases are caused by the disorder of the liver.

1. Jaundice
The polluted or infected water increases the risks or viral infections like hepatitis A and E. In such condition the lever fails to handle the the digestive juices which start entering into the bloodstream.
Jaundice is also caused by the use of alcohol, opium and drugs etc., which result into the blockage inside the intestines.
The symptoms of jaundice include the appearance of yellowish color in the eyes, itching, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irritable nature and continuous weight loss
Jaundice could be cured by taking rest, changing the eating habits or through medication.

2. Fatty Liver
The excessive accumulation of fats in the liver is called fatty liver.
The intake of fatty foods, irregular routine of life, absence of exercises, stress, obesity, alcoholism and the intake of medicines for longer durations in some disease cause the problem of fatty liver.
The symptoms include disturbed digestive system, slight pain in left or central part of stomach, tiredness, weakness, loss of appetite and fat belly.
In acute cases the liver cirrhosis may also occur and the liver transplant may become the last option. 
After ascertaining the caused the physician advises the change in routine.

3. Cirrhosis
The intake of excessive amount of alcohol and fatty foods leads to the formation of thread like fibers in the liver which block the cells. It is called fibrosis. In such the liver does not remain in its original shape and starts shrinking. The liver as a result loses its flexibility and becomes hard.
In such case the liver transplant is the only option.
The symptoms include blood coming out in vomiting, swelling in feet, blood oozing out in stools, appearance of excessive swelling of the body and filling of water inside the stomach.

4. Liver Failure
The prolonged liver disease which remains untreated for longer, leads to complete failure of the functions of the organ. This is called completer liver failure.
This problem is of two types. The first is the acute liver failure in which the liver cells start getting destroyed due to the viral and bacterial infections or other diseases like malaria, typhoid or malaria. The other is cirrhosis. 

The Technique of Liver Transplant
The chief cause of liver cirrhosis is the old habit of drinking in which the liver failure occurs. The chances of survival in renal failure are merely 10 %. The chronic liver failure is due to the prolonged liver disease. In both cases the liver transplant is the permanent treatment. In Liver transplant it is necessary that the blood group of the donor and the recipient should match. 

The 40% part of the live donor is cut and implanted inside the recipient through the surgery. The liver of the donor recovers its original shape within 2-3 months by the diet and medicines as advised by the physician. The success rate of liver transplant is around 70%.

Reasons of Liver Swelling
The use of alcohol, obesity and the virus of hepatitis increase the shape and size of the liver. In routine language it is known as the swelling of the liver.  This may be the symptom of an ordinary to some serious liver disease.  The patient remains unaware of the situation which could be ascertained only by the tests of the liver.
In such cases of the disorder of liver sever diseases occur in the body.

Taking care of eating habits and abstaining from the excessive use of alcohol saves the person from the diseases of liver. 
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