Monday, 16 February 2015

Heart Palpitation and Blood Pressure

                                                                    Human Heart
                                              Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Nevit Dilmen 

The increased heart palpitation is a health problem and it should not be avoided. It means that the heart is having a problem in normal beats or the heart beats have increased.
A person can feel and listen to the increased palpitation in neck and heart.  It could appear like a nightmare.
Tension, stress and worries are the chief causes of increased pulpitation. It may also be caused by excessive intake of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine etc. This problem also occurs during pregnancy. In some odd cases it may be considered a dangerous problem associated with heart.
The severe feelings could not be taken to be the main cause responsible for it. But the possibility of the rise in the chances of increased palpitation occurs due to serious emotional feelings.

Physical Exertion
The heart palpitations increase as a result, if one has worked beyond physical capacities. The people doing regular exercises have increased heart palpitations.

Internal Changes
Alongwith external changes the internal system of the body changes with age and time. This change is more prominent in women in menopause, hormone changes, menstrual changes, pregnancy etc. The palpitation occurring duringpregnancy is a symptom of anemia.

In Some Diseases
The heart pulpitaitions increase during certain diseases, like thyroids, blood pressure, anemia, low blood pressure, sugar, fever and dehydration.

This problem occurs in some people after overeating. The heart palpitations increase after the intake of food rich in fats and carbohydrates.
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