Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seed cakes
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Prince Roy

Every grain of both black and white sesame seeds or til are full of health giving contents. It contains all the nutritious and healthy elements, except vitamin A and vitamin C. the black til is considered to be more effective than white or red ones.

They contain vitamin B, fatty acids, iron zinc, protein, copper, magnesium and calcium in sufficient amounts.

About 100 gram of sesame seeds contains 100 mg of calcium which is very helpful for the strength of bones. They give energy and warmth in winter.

It takes time to digest the sesame seeds and that is why the elderly people dissuade their use at night.

It could be baked or taken with brown sugar or Indian jiggery by making the balls of it.It could be mixed in salads and other recipies.

Besides boosting the memory, it improves the digestion.

The pregnant women and those allergic to sesame seeds should avoid the use of it.
It helps in anemia when the water soaked sesame seeds are fried a little and mixed in blender with water or milk and taken with brown sugar or Indian jiggery.

Chew 15-20 gm of sesame seeds in the morning and drink water afterwards to strengthen the bones and to get the shiny hair.

In constipation mix a tablespoon of sesame seeds in butter oil and take 2-3 times a day. 

The sesame seeds oil

Sesame Seeds Oil
Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Itineranttrader
The contents of the oil of sesame seeds easily get into the skin. The massage of sesame seeds oil strengthens the muscles and bones.

Massage the oil of sesame seeds on teeth and gums for extra shine and strength.
A little black salt and the sesame seeds oil gives relief in mouth ulcers.
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