Monday, 16 February 2015

The Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Howcheng

Also known as aniseed, it has several health benefits for the people of all ages. It contains several minerals like calcium, sodium, iron, potassium etc. It is very beneficial for the stomach ailments. The regular intake of aniseed removes constipation and helps in gastric problems.

1. Prepare the powder of aniseed with sugar or mishri or candy sugar and take about 5 gm of it with warm water before going to bed at night. It will save from stomach ailments and gastric problems.

2. The regular intake of aniseed increases the eyesight.

3. It should be taken in diarrhea. Chew aniseeds with the pulp of stone apple of bael for indigestion and dysentery.

4. Chewing a pinch of aniseed after meals helps in digestion.

5. Prepare the powder of aniseed, black salt and cumin seeds and take a pinch of it after meals with warm water as it is the best remedy to help in digestion.

6. During cough, take 10 gm of aniseed extract with equal amount of honey for instant relief.
7. In case of stomach pain it is better to chew a tablespoon of fried aniseed.

8. In nausea and giddiness, take the lemon water containing aniseed powder.

9. In case of bitter belching, boil little amount of aniseeds and take with mishri or candy sugar and drink it.

10. In case of burning sensation in hands and feet, the equal amount of aniseed with coriander seeds and mishri or candy sugar are taken and 5-6 gm of it is taken daily to get relief in few days.

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