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Migraine and Ginger

A Severe Attack of Migraine
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sasha Wolff 

Generally the unhealthy life style and deficiency of nutritious diet the problems of stress and headache is becoming very common. The prolonged stress and headache turns into migraine. The pain of migraine is unbearable and it is difficult to tolerate it especially in the mornings. It leads to nausea or vomiting. The pain of migraine remains there from few hours to several days. 

What is Migraine?

Earlier it was considered that migraine is caused due to the contraction and expansion of the arteries in the brain. But the researches have found that migraine is caused due to the disturbance or disorder in central nervous system in which the structure of the neuro- transmitters get affected and especially the imbalance in serotonine hormone appears. This leads to migraine. 

Types of Migraine

The classical and non-classical are the two types of migraine. The former is caused due to the vision related defects in which the symptoms of the vision of aura appear 10-15 minutes before headache. When the headache appears without aura or other symptoms it is called non- classical or normal migraine.
The normal migraine is very common in children and teenagers. The small children receive the fits of migraine in the evenings 
About 70% to 85 % of the total migraine cases reported fall in the category of normal migraine while the remaining 30% to 15% cases are of classical migraine. 
The ginger tea helps to alleviate this pain in a natural way. 

The Benefits of Ginger Tea in Migraine

The intake of ginger tea is very beneficial in migraine. It helps to alleviate this pain caused by migraine in a natural way as ginger is a natural pain killer. 
The ginger contains anti-inflammatory contents and this property helps to get rid of any type of pain.
Always take ginger tea in case of migraine, stress or headache. 
The contents of ginger also help in proper functioning of the digestive system which are very beneficial in nausea and vomiting occurring due to migraine. 

How to Prepare Ginger Tea

Before preparing ginger tea, take a small piece of ginger, peel it off and cut it into vary small pieces. Put these small pieces of ginger into the boiling water and let them remain ther for 10- 15 minutes. Filter the extract and drink it hot. Instead of sugar add honey or lemon in it for added advantages.
The ginger tea helps to reduce the unbearable pain of migraine in a natural way.

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