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Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming a common disease in the modern world due to the irregular routine and the eating habits of the people. The numbers of patients suffering from diabetes are increasing day by day. There are some home remedies to control the levels of blood sugar in the body.

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The people suffering from diabetes often complain about a headache, tiredness loss of vitality.
The levels of blood sugar increase in diabetes and this malady have no permanent solution. But the change in lifestyle, awareness, and improvement in eating habits help to control the problem. The patient of diabetes should be extra careful about the diet plan. There are several ways to control the blood sugar.

1. Add about 2-3 gram of turmeric powder in the juice of Indian gooseberry and take it twice a day to control the blood sugar.

2. Extract the juice of an average size tomato, a cucumber, and bitter gourd and drink it daily before breakfast in empty stomach to reduce the blood sugar levels.

3. The saunf or aniseed is very beneficial in diabetes. The intake of it after the meals reduces the blood sugar levels.

4. The Jamun or black plum or Indian blackberry is the most effective fruits in diabetes. Eating them with black salt reduces the increased blood sugar.

5. The plant of stevia is very beneficial for the patients of diabetes. It is a sweet plant, but the intake of it relieves the pancreas of insulin.

6. The intake of the juice of shatavari or wild asparagus is very good in diabetes when taken with equal amount of milk before going to bed at night. Shatavari juice is sweet in taste and it helps in normalization of blood sugar.

7. The regular intake of 2 tablespoons of margosa or neem leaf juice and 4 tablespoons of banana leaves juice is the best remedy for the patients of diabetes.

8. The extract of 4 tablespoons of Indian gooseberries and the leaves of gurmar or gymnema sylvestre also known as sugar destroyer, helps to control the diabetes and acts as a tonic for the lever. It supports the normal functioning of the beta cells in the pancreas and helps to regulate the blood sugar.

9. The plants of wheat have disease killing properties. The intake of the juice of the plants of wheat controls the blood sugar too.

10. The patients of diabetes should properly chew the food to keep the blood sugar levels under control.

11. The regular exercises and yoga are mandatory for the patients of diabetes.

12. The balanced diet is also advisable for the patients of diabetes
The blood sugar could be controlled by following these home remedies as they have no side effect on the body.

13. Take a ripe guava and bake it on flame. Peel and mash it properly. Take it with little salt, black pepper and cumin seeds.

14. Take 100 grams of seedless part of guava and keep it soaked in cold water for half 4-5 hours. Remove the cut pieces of guava and drink the water to get relief in diabetes.


It is advisable to consult the doctor as these remedies could not be the substitute for the medicines. These remedies become effective after long term use and could be taken along with other medicines.
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