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Dry Eye Syndrome and Eye Allergies in Winter

You might be having the dry eye syndrome in winter if the inflammation or irritation occurs in eyes or the things appear hazy or there is any vision problem.
Close Up of the Eyes
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These problems spread very fast in winter and should not be taken lightly.

We cover our entire body to protect it against the biting cold but the eyes remain exposed to the snowy winds and are subjected to maximum stress.

The outer surfaces of the eyes remain covered with a thin layer of liquid which is very important for the health of the eyes. The cold winds of winter evaporate this liquid film and the problem on dry eye occurs. Due to this situation the power of vision gets partly affected with chronic pain in the eyes.

The dry eye syndrome occurs due to dry cold winds outside and the dry warmth inside the house. The deficiency of moisture in the eyes is very damaging. This problem is very common among the people above 50 and the aged people become seriously affected by dry eye syndrome.

The dry eye syndrome also occurs due to prolonged use of computer. It is better to close the eyes for 1-2 minutes after an hour, while working on computer. Use the eye drops twice or thrice a day. It is better to cover the eyes with a piece of cloth for few minutes after taking a little break from computer and sip some liquid which may be juice or soup.

The eyes are the sensitive part of our body and a little care reduces several risks which may otherwise aggravate into serious problems. It is advisable to get the eyes tested from time. 

Eye Allergies in Winter

The effects of cold and winter are not confined to the body only, but it affects the eyes too. The problem of allergies in the eyes is very common. Conjunctiva is the very soft transparent outer skin of the eyes which acts as a transparent curtain between our inner eyes and the outer world. The allergies affect this outer layer of the eyes which becomes red and inflammation or irritation occurs in them. The water starts coming from the eyes.

At present the air pollution is drastically increasing and the dust and other foreign particles present in the air enter the eyes. It is better to keep the doors and windows shut. Remove the carpets from the room as the dust particles gets trapped in them. Keep the blankets and bed-sheets clean. 

Use the eye drops on the advice of doctor. Avoid the smoke pollution if allergic to it. Do not touch the eyes with hands and fingers. Never share the towels, handkerchiefs and eye cosmetics with others. 

The Problem of Dry Eyes

The tears nourish the eyes and keep them moist. The situation of dry eyes appears when the tears do not fall from the eyes. The symptoms of dry eyes are inflamma tio nor itching in the eyes, rough or dry feeling in the eyes and the appearance of few teas dripping up to the cheeks.
The eyes become tired by the end of the day. The eyes burn in smoke and the wax secretes in thm due to wind and dirt.

The cornia may get injured or serious infetions may appear or an ulcer may be formed in the eyes, if the problem of dry eyes is left untreated. 

Reasons of Dry Eyes
There are certain habits which cause the problem of dry eyes. During continuous reading or watching of television or working on computer, the eyelids are not closed or the wink is not taken. In such a no wink situation, the eyes become dry as the liquid in the eyes fails to spread throughout the outer eyeball to provide moisture to the eyes.
Other reasons of dry eyes are the use of contat lens and the laser surgery in which the nerves are cut off. Here too the eyes lose the rate or the power to wink.
The intake of the medicines of allergy or anti pregnancy pills also causes the problem of dry eyes.
The eyes remain dry during the period of pre menopause too, as this is the time when the hormonal changes occur in the body. The researches prove that there is a close relation between dry eyes and hormonal imbalances.
Some inflammation occurs during the infetions of eyes. In such a situation the eyes absorb all types of lubricants including the liquid present in the eyes.So save the eyes from types of infections.
1. Special treatments are need for the problem of dry eyes. Artificial tears are the only remedy for dry eyes in pre-menopause.
2. Include the foods contining omega-3 fatty acids.
3. Save the eyes from dust, smoke and dry environment.
4. Avoid sitting before television or computer for longer durations and take breaks after each half an hour.
5. Do not read the books for several hours without taking breaks.
6. Do not rub the eyes in case of inflamma tion. Rather wash them with cold water and give them rest by keeping them closed for some time.
7. Us glasses to save the eyes from the glare of computers.
8. Wash the eyes with mild soap only and do not rub the soap on the eyes.
9. Reduce the contrast of both the television and the computer.
10. Do not sit too close to the television and watch it in presence of enough light.
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