Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bury the Worry

The worries often make us worried and kill the positive thoughts by creating a hollow inside us like a termite eating into the wooden core.

Be Happy

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The worries entail a thought process which creates doubt about the imaginary effects of the outcomes of the actions or incidents in future. This effect goes on increasing if not checked or left unabated.

The thoughts generated by the worries always have a negative form. That is why the worried person becomes weak, instead of being healthy and strong.

A person being helpless is unable to control the outcomes and remain under stress due to worries.

Imagine that if a ship begins thinking then it would get worried or feared on visualizing its fate before the high tides and tempestuous waves. The panic of the waves swallowing the ship would forbid the ship from leaving the port. But it is worth remembering that a ship has to face just a single wave at a time and the whole sea is not coming after it. But the ship cannot think and has no worries about its destiny on waves.

Similarly if we get worried about the problems and the outcomes, we certainly would shut all the doors of development, peace and health. Worries inhibit all growths and movements, as they block the way by standing before us with it army of doubts, disbelief, indecision and imaginary or negative thoughts and we lose sight of any inspiration. Sometimes it may lead to depression.

One should never remain alone and brood over the things, if the mind is full of doubts, worries and negative thoughts. In such a situation it is better to talk to someone, or get involved in some work, as the mind would remain busy in the work and the doubts would disappear. It is a positive escapism.

 Another remedy is to make friendship with people of positive disposition as they would help you to alleviate your mind of negative and useless thoughts.

The people, who often curse themselves for being unlucky generally, reach the station when the train has left. Some imagine about the effects of bad weather, before beginning the journey or become afraid of their plane crash or failure in exam before the declaration of result. But there are some bold people who always keep moving without getting a least worried about the outcomes.

What has been done cannot be undone.
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