How to Get Rid of Renal or Kidney Stones

The kidney stones could not be detected in the very beginning. Their presence becomes apparent when the stones travel to the urine pipe and cause severe pain.
Kidney stones
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Origin of Kidney Stones
The stones are formed due to the excessive presence of calcium, phosphorus and oxy liqual acid in food intake. The small particles of these minerals do not get ejected through urine and the formation of stones begins in the kidneys. These stones cause severe pain.

The presence of stones interrupts the free flow of urine and in severe cases the urine is completely stopped. Sometime the blood also comes with the urine. The urge for urination persists and the swelling in hands and feet appear. The pain appears during urinating. The problem of back ache remains permanent.

What to Eat
1. Increase the intake of coconut.
2. Take the juice of spinach with carrot juice.
3. Take the juice of bitter gourd with little rock candy.
4. Boil 25-30 gram of the seeds of radish in water and take the filtered extract to get rid of kidney stones.
5. The salad of radish destroys the kidney stones.
6. Regularly take the salad of cucumber, onion, beetroot and lemon juice to get rid of kidney stones.
7. Boil the root of mimosa in water the take the extract to get rid of kidney stones.
8. The cane juice breaks the kidney stones.
9. The intake of carrot juice also destroys the kidney stones.
10. The intake of the juice of beetroot is also helpful.
11. Regularly take the turnip in raw form of in the form of vegetable.
12. The intake of the vegetables like chenopodium or bathua, amaranthus or cholai, spinach and horseradish is also beneficial.
13. Grind the seeds of green cardamom and muskmelon with rock sugar and take a tablespoon of it daily with water to destroy the kidney stones.
14. Sprinkle the powder of Indian gooseberry on the pieces of radish and take it regularly to get rid of kidney stones.
15. Eating the fruits like musk melon, apple and Jamun or syzygium cumini helps in giving relief from kidney stones.

What not to Eat
1. Avoid the intake of rice.
2. Avoid eating spicy and acidic foods.
3. Avoid the intake of tea, coffee and alcohol.
4. The intake of Chinese or fast food damages the kidneys.
4. Do not stop the urine for longer durations.
6. Avoid the physical labor and the lifting of heavy loads.


Take the advice of physician before eating okra or lady finger, beetroot, tomatoes, spinach etc. in case of kidney stones. 
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