The Health Benefits of Carrot

The selectively bred carrots with pigments that reflect almost all colors of the rainbow.
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by 
Stephen Ausmus

A great change becomes apparent in the daily diet as lot of nutritious things full of vitamins and minerals become available in winter.  Carrot indeed is one of them which contains sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium etc. The pectin fiber in it controls the cholesterol.

The daily intake of carrot juice protects against cold and flu. The juice also increases the immune system and saves from germs and infections. It is advisable for the teenagers to regularly take the carrot juice to control the acne and pimples.  The carrot juice contains vitamin A and vitamin C with sufficient amount of minerals and silicons in it which are beneficial for the health of the eyes and eyesight.

The carrot juice keeps the skin clean and provides extra glow on the face. It increases the quantity of milk in breast feeding women.

Carrot contains antioxidants, beta carotene, alpha carotene, calcium and vitamins. The antioxidants provide skin glow. Those having the problems of bones like osteoporosis can include the carrot in regular diet as it will increase the amount of calcium which could be easily assimilated by the body.
Carrot is a substitute of the tablets of copper,iron, magnesium, phosphorous and sulfur and can replace them.

It increases the immune system and protects against skin damage.

It gives relief in problems related to heart, controls the blood pressure, makes the muscles strong and gives healthy skin.

Due to the presence of vitamin A in them the carrots are the best in anemia and reduce the risks of eye ailments. Generally the eye problems occur due to the deficiency of vitamin A.

Boil the carrots before chopping as it will provide 25% extra protection against cancers.

The carrots contain several nutritious contents and it is better to take them in the form of soup or vegetable instead of eating them raw. The cooking softens the cellular structure present in carrot and gives 25% more beta carotene and vitamin A.

The peels of carrot also contain a lot of nutrition and it is better to take unpeeled carrots.
The daily intake of carrot in salad or juice form provides facial glow.
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