The Health Benefits of Apple

Red and Green Apples
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Ram- Man

An apple a day indeed keeps the doctor away. It is a healthy fruit and keeps the body healthy. It helps to keep the diseases at bay. Some of the benefits of apple are as follows.

1. Against Parkinson’s disease
The intake of fibrous foods keeps the brain healthy. The risks of Parkinson’s disease become less among the people who eat fibrous fruits. The Parkinson’s disease is related to brain and apple reduces the chances of its occurrence.

2. Healthy Teeth
If you have forgotten to smile due to the spots on teeth, then it is better to eat an apple a day. The apple removes the dark spots on teeth. It is due to the reason that the saliva secretion increases during eating a apple which strengthens the teeth saves the them from the germs and bacteria.

3. Saves from Cancer
Apple saves from the deadly cancers. The intake of fruits containing anti- oxidants especially apple reduces the risks of cancers like pancreas cancer, breast cancer etc.

4. Acts against Diabetes  
The intake of an apple a day reduces the risks of type II diabetes by 28%. The soluble fiber found in apple regulates the levels of blood sugar in blood.

5. Acts against Alzheimer’s disease
The apple juicec if taken daily will save from Alzheimer’s disease. Besides it reduces the adverse effect of age on the functioning of brain.

6. Reduces Cholesterol

The sufficient amount of soluble fiber in apple binds the fats with intestines and regulates the levels of cholesterol from being increasing in blood. As a result the blood cholesterol levels come down and the person becomes healthy.

7. Keeps the Heart Healthy

The intake of an apple reduces the chances of plarcks from being accumulated in arteries and this development reduces extra pressure on heart thereby regulating the proper blood circulation through heart. The accumulation of plaques in blood badly affects the overall health of heart and may cause heart problems.

8. Acts Against Gall Bladder Stones

The main cause of the formation of stones in gall bladder is the accumulation of cholesterol in liquid form. So it is better to eat the fiber rich food to get rid of excess cholesterol. Such foods regulate the weight of the body and the levels of cholesterol in blood.

9. Saves from Diarrhea and Constipation

The fiber present in apple is helpful to cope with constipation or diarrhea.  The fiber increases the flow of water in big intestine and gives relief in constipation. On the other hand it soaks excess water from the stool and gives relief in diarrhea
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