The Benefits of Water Caltrop or Singhara

Water Caltrops
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Prattflora
The seasonal fruits and vegetables are the storehouses of means to naturally cure several diseases and deficiencies.

Singhara or Water Caltrop also known as ling nut or water chestnut is a winter fruit having green, pink and brown shades.

It could be eaten raw to keep oneself fit in winter.

It has moderate amount of sodium which is beneficial for the heart and could be eaten by the heart patients.

The seeds of Water Caltrop
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons byTheDarkCurrent

The fiber present in singhara increases the digestive system.

It gives energy to the body and provides relief in exhaustion.

The intake of singhara removes the harmful toxins from the body and provides extra glow to the skin.

It helps in the growth of healthy hair. 
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