The Health Benefits of Jasmine

Flowers of Jasmine
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Kpjas

Everybody likes the fragrance of jasmine flowers. But their health benefits are more attractive than its fragrance. The flowers are found in white and yellow shades. They taste bitter but have cooling effect.

Bothe the flowers and leaves have medicinal properties. They have several benefits in tooth, eye and skin ailments.

Chew the leaves of jasmine in mouth ulcers. It is a wonderful remedy. 

The oil of the leaves of jasmine cures several skin problems. 

The paste of the leaves of jasmine could be applied in headache.

The gurgles of the leaf extract of jasmine alleviate the pain in the gums.

Make a paste of the flowers of jasmine and apply it on closed eyes for pain in the eyes. 

The regular application of the paste of flowers as a face mask removes pimples and provide extra glow.

The juice of the leaves is the best on foot blisters and skin rashes.

The intake of the juice of jasmine leaves removes the worms from the stomach and digestive tract. 

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