Raw Onion Alleviates Pain and Cough

Raw Onion
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Sebastian Wallroth
Onion treatment is the best for cough in winter. Despite offensive smell it gives relief at night and the lurking sensation creeping deep inside makes one feel as if the blood is being cleansed and purified.

For the porpose cut the slices of onion, place them on the bottom of feet and tie them with a bandage or tight socks.

The onion immediately starts working as its contents in the form of moisture penetrate into the blood through the pores of skin and boost the immune system.
The onions absorb toxin too and work wonders with the internal system of the body. The intake of raw onions helps to absorb the toxins.

Even during the Great Plague in England the people used to keep around the chopped onions in the room so as to inhibit the spreading of plague by cleaning the air through the absorption of toxins.  

A chopped onion placed inside the refrigerator will absorb all the toxins. So never eat a pre-chipped onion always cut and eat it fresh or eat that and eat the toxins.

The chopped onion also acts as a natural air purifier in kitchen.

Place a chopped onion next to the bed at night in case if someone is ill at home.

Throwing the peels of onions or chopped onions around the house stops the snakes from entering into the house.

Both onion and garlic have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. They reach the internal organs via trans-dermal delivery through the skin when put at the bottom of the feet. This delivery mechanism is the best as it avoids the passage of stomach enzymes or acids and goes directly into the blood through osmosis.

The best places in the body for trans-dermal passage of essential contents are the bottom of the feet or armpits or forearm.
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