How to Strengthen the Heart Valves

Diagram of the human heart valves
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The proper supply of oxygen is very necessary for the health of the heart. For this purpose the heart valve should remain open and healthy. The strength of valve depends upon healthy diet and lifestyle. 

The properly functioning valves open and close at the right time due to which sufficient amount of blood goes into the heart. There are four valves in heart to pump the oxygen and blood. But sometimes they fail to function properly. The blood flow becomes irregular, if any of the valves does not function properly. 
Illustration from Anatomy & Physiology
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Age, hereditary reasons, fever and infections affect the functioning of the heart valve which adversely affects the blood circulation.

Here are few directions to be followed for the health of the valve.

1. Adopt Healthy Lifestyle
The healthy lifestyle is necessary for the health of the heart. Eat healthy foods and do exercises at least five days a week for half an hour. Abstain from smoking and take moderate amounts of alcohol. Include 4-5 cups of vegetables in healthy diet daily. Eat fish and fiber rich foods. The intake of whole grains should be increased, while that of sodium and sweet drinks be decreased. Exercises make the heart healthy so go for jogging. Swimming and cycling. But consult the physician if already suffering from the problem of weak valve.

2. Avoid Bacterial Infections
Try to avoid the bacterial infections and the problems associated with it like throat inflammations, fever, difficulty in swallowing etc., and immediately consult the physician if such symptoms occur. It will strengthen the heart valves.

3. Consult the Physician
The information about the medicines to be taken to strengthen the heart valve could be taken from the physician. Reduce the amount of salt intake as it will reduce the swelling and decrease the stress on heart valves. The beta blocks help in controlling the heart beats. It also regulates the heart beats and the blood pressure. 

4. Surgery
In case of grave symptoms, the surgery is the only option. Here the valve is repaired or replaced. The calcium is removed during the repair of valves, while new artificial valve is put in case of valve replacement. Surgery is the last option and should not be taken lightly. 

5. Tips and Warnings
The regular check up of the heart valve is advisable. It includes the echocardiogram in which the working capabilities of the heart valve is increased. 
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