Vinegar Reduces Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

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 The vinegar could be prepared from grapes, apple, pineapple, Jamun or syzygium cumini etc. The sugar contents in these fruits provide fertile ground for the bacteria to prepare vinegar. The vinegar could be added to the salads of radish, onion, chilies and turnips etc.
The pure and organic vinegar improves the memory and has several uses in traditional medicines.

How to Prepare Vinegar at Home
Wash and add salt to black ripe Jamun or syzygium cumini, put them in a pitcher of clay and tie the mouth with a piece of cloth. Keep the pitcher in sun for a week. Stain the contents and the vinegar is ready.

How to take Vinegar
1. Blend 8-10 fruits of garlic in a cup of apple vinegar and refrigerate the contents for a week in a glass container. Take two tablespoons of it with water or juice before breakfast for joint pains, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, cold, flu, indigestion, headache, proper heart functions, blood circulation, piles, infertility, tooth ache, obesity and ulcers.

2. Take one cup each of apple vinegar and the juices of ginger, garlic and lemon. Put them on medium heat till three cups are left. On cooling add three cups of honey and store in a glass container. Two tablespoons with equal amount of water could be taken half an hour before breakfast for heart problems, blood clots and increased cholesterol.

Hair Care
Vinegar could be used to make the hair soft, strong and supple. It removes dandruff and hair lice. It cleans conditions and improves the texture of hair.  It kills the bacteria and removes the boils, abscesses and fungus from hair.  The washing of the hair with apple vinegar straighten the curly hair.

Weight Loss
It reduces the harmful cholesterol and fats of the body. It acts as blood thinner when taken with meals.

The citric acid present in vinegar links the food calcium to the body and helps in internal reactions and functions of the organs. The vinegar of Jamun or syzygium cumini is helpful in stomach diseases. It improves digestion, regulates the acid in stomach, relieves stomach aches and helps in constipation and dysentery. It acts as an appetizer and removes gas from stomach.  In case of acidity it is better to take two tablespoons of apple vinegar and one tablespoon of honey before meals.

Tooth Care
It whitens and cleans the teeth when used as a mouthwash. It also alleviates the swelling of gums.

Kidney Care and Toxic Removal
It removes toxins from the body, regulates the kidney functions and and cleans the urine. The intake of grape vinegar with milk alleviates the effects of poison like harebell etc,


It is harmful in weak nervous system, arthritis and ulcer.


Mango- The Fruit Which Regulates Blood Pressure

Mango Fruit
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Mango is a summer fruit and is also known as the king of fruits. It is a fruit full of wonderful benefits. 

Besides several vitamins and minerals, it contains vitamin A or beta carotene in sufficient quantity. 
It helps to regulate the levels of glucose.

The huge amount of fiber in mangoes helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the body.

The vitamins and minerals in it fight and save the body from several diseases and maladies. 

The antioxidant vitamin C in it reduces the risk of cancers like colon, leukemia, breast and prostate cancers.

The presence of potassium in it regulates the blood pressure and saves from stroke.

The enzymes in it help the digestive system by breaking the proteins into small fragments.

The juice of raw mangoes with black salt, sugar, jeera or black cumin gives relief in the heat of summer and is good in sunstroke too.

It is also used to enhance beauty as the rubbing of soft pulp of mango makes the skin soft and free of blemishes. 
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