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Home Remedies for Back Ache or Waist Pain

The problem of back ache has become very common and equally affects all including the young and the aged. The chief reasons of back ache are haphazard life styles and lack of physical labor. The problem of back ache increases with age and results in the difficulty to do day to day works. 
Lifting Technique
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Most of the people report back ache in the lower or central part of the waist. The pain may spread to both sides of the waist and lower parts of the hips. 
Here are few home remedies and the tips to change the lifestyle in order to get relief from back ache.   

Reasons of Back Ache
1. Wrong sitting posture.
2. Extra stress on muscles. 
3. Obesity.
4. Wearing high heeled shoes and sandals. 
5. Lifting heavy loads in wrong position or posture. 
5. Sleeping on soft mattresses. 
6. Prolonged illness. 
7. Surgical delivery.
8. Wearing high heels.
9. Deficiency of estrogen hormone which causes osteoporosis and deficiency of calcium at menopause stage. 
10. Extra fats around waist. 

Home Remedies
One can get rid of back pain with the help of following tips.

1. Put 3-4 fruits of garlic in coconut oil and heat till the garlic become black. Massage the back with this oil on cooling in the morning.
2. Soak the towel in hot salty water and place tit on the affected area. 
3. Heat about 50 to 60 gram of salt in a pan, wrap it in a opiece of cloth and put it on the affected area of the back.
4. Heat the thyme seeds or ajwain in moderate heat and swallow it after chewing. The regular intake of thyme seeds gives relief in waist pain. 
5. Do not sit in the same position for longer durations. Leave the chair after every half and hour and walk for few minutes. 
6. Avoid sleeping of soft mattresses and the hard beds are the best for the peole with waist pain.
7. The yoga postures like cobra posture (Bhujangasana), lotus posture (Shalabhasana), plough posture (Halasana), frog posure (Utanamundakasana) etc. give relief from waist pain.  
8. The deficiency of calcium makes the bones weak. So eat calcium rich foods. 
9. Exercises help in waist pain. So go for walking, swimming, cycling etc. Swimming reduces the weight and is a very good exercise for the waist. Keep the baxk straignt during cycling. These activities strengthen the muscles and help in weight loss. 
10. Instead of back it is better to bend the knees while lifting some heavy weight from the floor. 
11. The driving seat of the car should not be soft. Sit erect in proper posture and use seat belt. 
12. Do not sit in the office or on chair by taking the support of the back. The back should remain erect on the chair. A folded towel could be used behind the neck to maintain the erect position. 
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