Friday, 8 April 2016

Ice and Icecream May Cause Deadly Infections

The use of mouthwatering ice-cream increases with the advent of summer and no one thinks twice before relishing it. But it is necessary to be careful before the use of ice-cream especially in developing countries, as it may cause several water borne diseases or deadly infections. These diseases affect the children and the aged people more.
The reckless use of ice-cream could become fatal if timely medical aid is not given. 

Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberries
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Lotus Head

Frequent Use of Ice
In India, the ice is generally used for cooling in several juices, cold drinks, hard/soft drinks and even in water.
Generally the ice producing factories do so for commercial purpose and such ice is meant for cooling purposes and not for direct consumption. But most of the hotel or restaurant owners especially the roadside sellers use this ice to be put directly into the products to be taken. The health authorities rarely bother that from where such ice comes which is being served to the consumers.

The Diseases Caused
The stomach and the digestive system get severely affected by the use of the ice made from polluted water and manufactured in rusted containers. The stomach infection, vomiting, nausea, dysentery, cold, flu, gastroenteritis, worms in intestines and several throat infections occur due to the use of such ice. These diseases could lead to death for want of timely medical aid.

Why it happens
In most of the ice making factories the ice is prepared in rusted metal containers. Sometimes the pieces of rust get detached and become mixed in the water. Finally these pieces of rust come out with the final ice blocks. Above all the water used to prepare ice is generally contaminated or polluted, as the ice being prepared is meant to be used for cooling and not to be directly consumed. As a result the ice-cream made in the market by the use of contaminated ice gives invitation to several diseases.

The Parameters
There are special parameters for the manufacturing of ice as it is very crucial for the health of the consumers.
The water used for the making of the ice should be pure and properly chlorinated. The molds and the tank used to manufacture the ice should be clean and free of rust. Similarly the pure foodstuff should be used in the making of ice-creams and hygienic conditions should be maintained in the ice cream manufacturing factories.  
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