Friday, 8 April 2016

Artificial Light Causes Obesity

It is a common belief that obesity is caused by reckless eating habits. Even the dieticians and common populace are of the opinion that the fat people eat more, are indolent, stay away from exercises and are fond of oily and sweet foods.
Blue Light
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A new scientific research has challenged this conventional belief. It has been found that besides the eating habits, there are other surprising reasons responsible for obesity. These include the duration of time one spends on computer, laptop or smartphone and the quality of light in which one stays for most of the time.

Indeed these results are amazing, but the recent researches have revealed the facts that the blue light emanating from the electronic gadgets is the chiefest cause of obesity. It has been found that the blue light coming from smartphones and laptops increases the appetite and compels to take over-diet after just taking the regular meals. 

But so far the researchers have not found the reasons behind such increased appetite. Besides, it has been found that the late night working on laptops or smartphones not only increases the appetite, but also affects the normal sleep. This disturbance in normal sleeping pattern is also one of the reasons of obesity. 
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Not only the blue light, but all types of artificial lights may cause obesity. It was found that staying in the artificial lights for longer duration is more responsible for obesity than the eating habits. We could become fat by staying in artificial light.

The artificial lights affect the processes of calorie intake and calorie burning and thereby cause obesity.

The staying in artificial lights for longer duration obstructs the calorie burning process of the body. 

The light affects fatness.The digestive system depends upon the cyclic tuning of the body which is related to the habits of sleeping, waking, eating and drinking.  
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