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Fiber Rich Foods Control Weight and Diabetes

The increased body weight could be easily reduced by taking high fiber foods. The fiber strengthens the digestive system and helps in the digestion of the food we eat. The inclusion of the high fiber foods in regular diet saves us from several diseases.
Let us know about the foods containing fiber in rich amounts.
French toast of whole grain bread to increase fiber
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The daily diet containing 25 to 30 grams of fiber is called high fiber diet plan. The fibrous foods, whole grains, apple, banana, pear, strawberry, orange and green leafy vegetables contain rich amounts of fiber.

What is High Fiber Diet?

Fiber is of two types, the soluble fiber and the insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber easily gets digested in colon which is found in apple and oats. The insoluble fiber does not get dissolved in water and gets digested in big intestine.

Salad is the best option for high fiber food. The raw vegetables and fruits used in salad contain antioxidants, natural enzymes and fiber which regulate and control the weight of the body.

The sour or citrus fruits are the rich sources of calcium, mineral and fiber which are very necessary for the overall growth and development of the body. The pectin present in lemon dissolves the fats of the body and slows down the digestive system so that the person does not feel hungry after eating anything as it happens in obesity.

The whole grains, wheat flour, flour husk, rice husk, peels of fruits and vegetables, dry fruits and seeds are the rich sources of fiber.

Fiber Helps in Weight Loss
Fiber is a special type of carbohydrate which passes through the human digestive system without getting broken or changed. It directly changes into nutrients.

The main purpose of fiber is to maintain the health of the digestive system.
The high fiber diet soon fills the stomach and helps to control the hunger. It takes time to chew the fiber rich food which results into fewer intakes of the food and calories.

The intake of the fibrous food reduces the levels of sugar in blood. The regulated amount of sugar in blood saves from the repeated urge of hunger. As a result it helps to control the habit of eating something throughout the day.

The high fiber diet controls the levels of sugar and cholesterol in blood.
It regulates the digestive system.

Right Intake of Fiber

The optimum daily intake of fiber for the women above 50 is 21 grams, while it is 30 grams for the men. In case of those below 50, it is 25 grams ans 38 grams for women and men respectively. The excess amounts of fiber than the required levels may cause constipation.

Every fourth Diabetic in the World is an Indian
There are about 4.2 Million diabetic patients in the world, out of which 10 Million are found is India. These statistics were released by the first global report of World Health Organization. Diabitics is taking the form of a fatal disease in South Asian Nations including India. Every fourth diabetic patient in the world belongs to India.
In the coming years the diabetic is likely to become a serious problem in India. Due to lack of awareness the people of India generally abstain from physical labor and exercises. With the changing lifestyles and the letharegic attitude is making Indians prone todiabetes.
On World health Day the WHO disclosed that diabetics is spreading very fast in India and South Asian countries. Therefore special efforts should be made to check the problem otherwise the situation will get out of control.
During the last couple of decades the numbers of patients suffering from diabetics have increased more in developing countries than in developed nations. The diabetic could become the 7th most deadly and fatal disease in the world.
Several researches have disproved the belief that diabetics is caused by excessive intake of sugar.  There are great numbers of patients who disliked eating sugar and sweet things, but even then they suffr from diabetic. Diabetic is not caused by sugar, but one has to abstain from it, if once the disease is detected.  

A lot of irregularities have come up in the normal life due to the present age of technology and comforts. The occurrence of diabetics and obesity has reached at dangerous levels in India. 
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