Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to Cope with Alzheimer’s disease at Home

The chemical hormone released during stress becomes the reason for Alzheimer’s disease or the loss of memory. Several organs become weak with old age, but in Alzheimer’s disease the functions of the mind become less and the memory may disappear altogether. It is the disease of the mind.
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The higher levels of the chemical hormone released in stress remaining as such for longer duration destroy the neuron cells which help in memory functions.

Sleeping Posture
The recent researches reveal that side sleeping reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. The flat sleeping posture or sleeping on backside down or up, increases the risks of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson's  The harmful chemicals get properly flushed out from the brain in side sleeping. The disturbed sleep or on getting disturbed during sleeping increases the risks of loss of memory. The sleeping posture also plays an important role.

Copper in Diet
The amount of copper in diet also increases the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. The increased level of copper in blood than the optimum levels is responsible for the problem. The presence of copper affects the beta amyloid in the brain and causes the Alzheimer’s disease. The amount of copper is fixed for each age group. The liver is not capable to digest the increased levels of copper and the increased amount of copper goes into the blood and reaches the brain. The copper binding protein present in the brain is known as beta amyloid. This protein starts getting accumulating in the brain and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease appear and the patient starts forgetting everything.

Food reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease
Certain foods reduce the risks of the disease due to the presence of several healthy contents in them.

It contains rich amounts of antioxidants which saves the cells from the damages caused by the free radicals. It also maintains the balance between the cells of the body and age of the person.
It is full of lycopene which saves the cells from the several damages and reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Eggs contain vitamin B 12 and and colognee, which form the cells of the brain and help to increase the memory.

The nutrients and vitamins in broccoli increase the memory and neutralize the effects of excess copper in the blood.


The amino acid present in curd reduces the stress. It is the stress that causes the premature ageing of cells including the memory cells and neurons.
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