Saturday, 22 August 2015

Avoid Eating Out in Rainy Season

Kullu Valley in Rainy Season 
The cool showers of monsoon rains provide relief after the scorching heat of summer. But the rainy season comes with several diseases which are caused by eating the spicy and junk food out of home. 

The food items and water used in these products are generally polluted which easily cause water borne diseases.

The digestive system becomes sensitive in this season and fails to properly digest the food.

Raw Salad
Keep distance from green leafy vegetables and salad in this season. These contain several germs and bacteris which could not be seen with naked eyes. Including these things in food upsets the digestive system and causes infection in stomach.
Fruit Juice
It is a healthy habit to take the fruit juice daily. But in rainy season the fruits and vegetables soon get decayed or rotten. But the sellers do not throw them away and sell them by extracting their juice. Such products weaken the the immune system and cause several diseases. Never eat already cut fruits and avoid using such vegetables.
Chinese Food   

The noodels available at roadside stalls are boiled in dirty water and the azinomoto, sauce and oil mixed in Chinese foods can cause several health problems. 

How to Increase Immunity in Rainy Season

Sevaral disease causing germs and bacteria enter the body during the rainy season and sometimes it becomes very difficult to get rid of the diseases of the season.
It is in this season that the body completely loses the immunity and it becomes difficult to fight with the diseases. The problem of infections tooo increases.
The diseases like infection, allergy, cold and cough are very common in rainy season. The body becomes weak due to infections and several diseases take hold of the body. The first symptom is headache.
Here are some home remedies to increase the immune system of the body in rainy season.
1. Take heathy and nutritious foods to keep the body strong and healthy.
2. The herbal tea gives energy and saves from several diseases.
3. Take 7 to 8 hours sleep.
4. Perform Yoga to keep the body freee from stress. Avoid stress as it badly affects the immune system.
5. Use ginger ald garlic as they save the body from pain and stop the feeling of nausea.

6. Take the juice of carrot with ginger, lemon and 2-3 cloves of garlic.

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