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What to Eat in Spring Season

The Ayurveda recommends moderate eating in the spring season to remain fit and healthy. This season is the time when the winter ends and summer begins. Therefore the spring has the effect of these two seasons. It prepares the living organisms for the summer season.
The Season of Blossoms
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In this period the problem of phlegm is very common. So the best foods during spring ar barley, gram, sorghum or jowhar, wheat, rice, Green gram or Vigna radiate or moong, yellow pigeon pea or arhar, brinjal, radish, Chenopodium or bathua, pointed gourd or parwal, bitter gourd or karela, ridged gourd or torai, ginger, vegetables, banana, cucumber, orange, mulberry or shah-toot, asafoetida or heeng, cumin, fenugreek, turmeric, Indian gooseberries, lemon etc.

Taking the water boiled with dry ginger or Cyperus scariosus or cypriol or Nagar-Motha reduces phlegm.

Remain happy and take vinegar, sugar cane juice for the health of the heart.

It is the time when new sprouts of the leaves of margosa or neem come out. Chew 15-20 small leaves of margosa regularly for a month as it saves from all skin diseases throughout the year. It boosts the immune system too. In addition, the intake of the bitter juice of the flowers of margosa for a fortnight helps in skin problems and gives protection against malaria. 

The weekly fasting without the intake of salt also increases the immune system, saves from skin diseases, alleviates high blood pressure and helps in kidney and liver diseases. 

Avoid curd in the season as it increases phlegm and may cause a cough, cold and respiratory disorders. It is better to take turmeric with milk instead as it strengthens the immune system.
The intake of half a tablespoon of Hurd or Myrobalan with honey saves from a cough, cold and fever.

The intake of food according to the season helps in the season and saves us from several diseases.  

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