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The Reasons of Stomach Ache

The gastrointestinal tract, also called the digestive tract, alimentary canal, or gut, is the system of organs within multicellular animals that takes in food, digests it to extract energy and nutrients, and expels the remaining waste.
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About 80% of the stomach diseases are not generally avoided by the people, as the common knowledge is limited to acidity or stones in gall bladder or some other reasons. But the stomach ache should not be taken lightly. Extra care should be taken towards stomach related problems in summer season. The ill effects of polluted water and food become immediately noticeable on stomach. The stomach ache could be pancreatic.
The proper knowledge of stomach problems is very necessary. Irregular routine or eating habits has increased the instances of cystic fibrosis, infection, pancreatic GI or lower GI and colitis.  The guts flora is also a primary cause of stomach ache.

The Stomach Disorders and Lever
Mostly the lever is the chief cause of stomach problems. The enzymes prepared by the lever help in conversion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates into lactose and energy. The polluted water and food speedily give the infections of hepatitis A and hepatitis B to lever. The reason for stomach disorders is hepatitis E.
The hepatitis E affect the lever and this effect continues up to small and large intestines. The patient gets no relief from loose motions till the effects of virus last.
The excessive intakes of fried foods cause the problem of fatty lever which leads to indigestion and pains in stomach.
Get the ultrasound done,  if the stomach pain occurs once any time in a day in empty stomach or after the meals.  
But the proper diagnosis of the disease could be done with the lever functioning test or LFT and endoscopic ultrasound which determine the infections in small and large intestines too.

Gut Flora
The guts flora is also important. It contains 10 million times more micro organisms than found in different organs of the body, which weigh more than one kilogram. These remain stuck to the inner walls of the stomach in the form of fibrous growth. This is called gut flora. In digestive system these bacteria present in gut flora prepare vitamin B and vitamin K in the body which strengthen the immune system too. The gut babacteriaight with and destroy the bad bacteria inside the stomach and keep the digestive system healthy.
But irregular eating habits, the excessive intake of junk food and antibiotics inhibit the normal working of gut flora and give a chance for the survival of bad bacteria. About 400 different types of bacteria are needed for the proper functioning of the digestive system inside the stomach.

It May Be Colitis
The internal wound or an ulcer inside the small and large intestine is called colitis. The excessive use of spices and fats is the main reason of colitis among the young generation. Its symptom is stomach ache and blood in stool.
The endoscopic test through anus determines the occurrence of colitis. It could be cured with medications and in case the medicines become ineffective, the option of surgery is there.

 The stomach diseases affect the digestive system in 2-3 weeks as the nutritious elements of food do not get converted into starch due to the disorder in the formation of enzymes.

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