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The Health Benefits of Banana

Ripe bananas
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The banana is very beneficial for health.  The daily intake of a banana keeps the body and the mind healthy. It is the best source of sugar and fiber. It contains rich amounts of vitamin A and B in the form of thiamine, niacin and folic acid. It contains 63.3 % water, 1.3 % protein, 24.5 % carbohydrates and 6.3% fats.
It has the following benefits.

For Constipation and Digestion
The unhealthy symptom of undigested food directly leads to constipation. It is very bad for the proper functioning of the excretory system as bowel system becomes weak. The banana helps in constipation as the dietary fibre in it helps in proper bowel movement.
The rich amount of fiber in it helps in proper functioning of the digestive system. The bnana shake sooths the inflammations of stomach too.

For Energy
The right time to eat bananas is after the lunch as it is very good digestion. Two large bananas give instant energy after work out, exercises and yoga.

For Depression
The chocolates make one happier, but the results of banana are double than that. The researches prove that the banana helps to get out of depression.
It helps to relieve the stress due to the presence of a protein which is an amino acid named tryptophan. This chemical relaxes the brain or improves the mood by giving the feelings of comfort, happiness and relaxation.
It affects the mood by controlling the blood sugar by regulating the levels of blood glucose through vitamin B6.

For Heart
The banana contains potassium which is very beneficial for the patient of blood pressure. It helps in increased circulation of air and blood to the brain. Therefore the intake of banana is very beneficial for the heart patients to prevent the heart strokes. It also maintains regular heartbeats and balances the water level in the body. The daily intake of two bananas with honey strengthens the heart and saves from the heart diseases.

For Ulcers
It helps in the control of ulcers. The intake of banana is very beneficial in stomach ulcers.

For Muscle Cramps
It helps in muscle cramps.

For Nose Bleeding
In case of bleeding from the nose, take banana with milk containing sugar for a week. The problem will not occur again.

For Weight Gain
It is very helpful in weight gain. The daily intake of banana shake would make a person fat and plump.

For Pregnancy
The women need vitamin A and minerals during pregnancy. That is why they are advised to include banana in their diet. It also helps to overcome the morning sickness during pregnancy.

For Children
The banana is very helpful in the growth of the children. The presence of several vitamins, minerals and iron in banana stimulate the growth of the children. The iron in it helps in increasing the amounts of haemoglobin in the blood.

For Elders
It is the best fruit for the aged people as it could be easily eaten. The vitamin C and fiber in it is very necessary for elders and old people. The old people are advised to include the banana in their diet for improvement of vision.

For Dysentery
The intake of two ripe bananas with curd gives relief in dysentery.

For Piles
Lengthwise cut a banana into half and fill it with rye powder.Eat it empty stomach for 2-3 days to get relief in piles.

For Menstrual Pain
It acts as a painkiller during the monthly periods. It is better to take 2 bananas to get relief in menstrual pains.

For Eyesight
The carrot is generally considered to improve the eye sight, but the vitamin A in banana makes it a fruit of the eyes. The banana contains about 10 micro grams of Vitamin A, while the alpha/ beta components in it also get converted in to Vitamin A.
It strengthens the muscles of the eyes, prevents many retinal diseases and improves the vision.

For Memory and Brain  

The research group when given a banana thrice a day for a month were found to be more active, sharp and intelligent in understanding and remembering as compared to their earlier performance. 
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