Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Health Benefits of Baby Massage

Demonstration of different massage techniques
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Jason Swink  

The baby massage has several health benefits. The massage keeps the infants and toddlers healthy. Gently caress the child and apply the slightly warm oil on the body with light hands. It gives emotional security to the child and develops the mother- child bonding. The child understands the body contact of the mother and fells secure and relieved. The soft music in the background would make the child cheerful. It is better to give milk to the child after the massage.
It gives relief to the child and provides sound sleep. It helps in proper functioning of the digestive system.  
It is a fact that the body massages help in proper blood circulation. The daily massage gives strength to the body and keeps the child healthy.
The problem of constipation is very common in children and the massage alleviates the problem. The light massage on the belly strengthens the muscles and helps in proper functioning of the digestive system.
The proper massage gives relief to the child and helps in overall growth. The helps if the child cries continuously. The children may cry during the massage as they dislike it.

 The different body movements during the massage educate the child and help in its mental development. Speaking or singing to the child during the massage is very beneficial.  
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