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The Reasons of Swelling in Feet

Swollen feet
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We live in an environment where the parasites, fungi, virus and other harmful bacteria are found in plenty. Bur when our safety cover of skin gets cut, bruised, injured and damaged due to dryness or blisters occur on heels etc. these foreign bodies enter the blood stream and cause serious problems.

If the immune system of the body is weak then swelling occurs on the affected areas due to the flow of protein matter in the arteries.

The swelling also occurs due to mosquito bite or close contact with some harmful chemical. The affected spot also becomes red and hot. The pain begins and the flow of blood increases in the problem spot and the working power of the muscles decreases.

If the infection is severe then the swelling increases and the dead white cells turn into pus cells. In such a situation the antibiotics are given. Other remedies like ointment, balms and oil massage are also used.

In order to avoid such a situation certain precautions should be taken. Avoid cuts and bruises and work with patience. The immune system could be strengthened by the balanced and nutritious food. 

Avoid dampness inside the house and keep it airy. The sunlight inside the house is a welcome thing. The dampness, darkness and absence of fresh air provides a fertile ground for infections.   

The Reasons of Swelling in Feet

The swelling in the feet is very common but it should not be avoided. There are several reasons for the swollen feet like sprain, long walking, continuous standing or sitting, exercises and sports activities. Some people especially the ladies get afflicted with it even during the prolonged shopping.
In such cases the pain in the feet is so sever  that a person could not sleep.
There are some home remedies to reduce the swelling of the feet and on should immediately consult the physician, if the problem persists.
1. Warm Water and Salt
Put some salt especially the rock salt in the warm water and dip the feet in it. This could be done before going to bed at night. The addition of some scented oil would also give additional relief. Remove the feet out of the water when it becomes cold.
2. Massage with Warm Oil
Massage the feet with warm oil before going to bed at night. It will reduce the swelling, pain and stress. Any type of oil could be used for the foot massage.
3. Yoga
There are some exercises of yoga which strengthen the foot muscles and give relief from the pains. The simple Sun obeisance increases the blood circulation to the feet and alleviates the pain.
4.  Cleanliness

The dirt and filth in the body also causes the swelling in the feet. So it is advisable to keep the body clean by drinking enough water to flush out the toxins from the body. 
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