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The Mystery of Lucid Dreams

There are three stages of consciousness, the conscious, the sub-conscious and the unconsciousness. The dreams occur due to the interaction of the last two when the first one is not awake.
The Sleep is Necessary
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Abihail Valenzuelao

The dreams in the category of lucid dreams are clear and vivid. They are synthesized in two stages of consciousness. Our conscious brain sleeps and the sub-conscious interacts with the un-conscious on becoming super conscious. This situation controls the highest consciousness thus achieved.

In such a condition the desires and unfulfilled in awaken world come before us in a concrete form in lucid dreams. It is due to the reason that the strong gamma rays become active in the brain during lucid dreams.

The peculiar thing is that in such a stage all the physical signs are of the real world, but they appear in sleep. If such a person is waken he or she would claim not to be asleep at all.

The waves emanating from the brain are very minute and are followed by the condition of ram. The dreams of this stage are very clear and bright.

The lucid dream can come in both the stages of consciousness, one is the level where dreams come and the other is the place where our awaken memories are stored and transmitted for dreams formation.   

The lucid dream begins with a normal dream and is a sign of entering into the world of dreams. Here the subject enters the stage of deep dreams without any hindrance. The effect of outer world remains on the subject. The subject dreams of walking on river, if water is thrown on his feet. If there is light music in the room the dream takes the shape of being in the fairyland. If cool breeze enters the room from the window, the subject dreams of flying like the birds.

Such dreams are sometimes beneficial. Sometimes a hand is extended to get hold of something and on being suddenly awaken one finds the arm extended like in dream. One becomes a superhuman in dreams, and finds himself walking on fire, or flying to get hold of the sun, or becoming a great author, or an invincible warrior.

The lucid dreams are different from common dreams as the person has the realization of being in dream.
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Gustav Courbet 

The person has to be extra sensitive to have the experience of lucid dream. The continual experience of lucid dreams elevates the mental level of the subject and makes him more aware and sensitive. It increases the farsightedness and makes the subject more careful towards his surroundings.

It is true that many people in the world live without any imagination or fantasy. But lucid dream is an interesting and pleasing experience through which the subject passes.

Just imagine meeting your ideal dream person. The romance of lucid dreams fulfills the life with warmth and effulgence and makes a person special in his own eyes.

These dreams are different from nightmares. The researchers and scientists have performed several experiments about lucid dreams to unravel the mystery of consciousness. These dreams gave them a chance to understand the working of the brain. It shows that how the brain conducts its working from one stage of consciousness to another. 
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