Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Bahera or Terminalia bellirica for Piles

The large deciduous tree of Behara or Terminalia Bellirica sometimes go up to the height of 30 meters and their bark is about 2 centimetre thick. It is found on hilly areas and highlands. It is beneficial to sit in the shade of the tree. Its leaves are like that of an oak.

The fruit and bark is used for medicinal purposes. The nutritious fruit has little bitterness and is light in weight.

The Fruit of Behra
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons
It helps in constipation, gives gut strength and cures the piles problem.

It also increases appetite and alleviates headache.

It improves the eyesight and strengthens the functions of the brain.

It acts against cold, cough and respiratory problems and kills the tape worms in the stomach.
It acts against dandruff, hair fall and gives extra shine to hair turns the white hair black when the paste of dry fruit is applied on hair.

It is a pain killer, blood purifier and helps in nausea.

The powder of it is put into the eyes to reduce the swelling.

It helps in the burning sensations of hands and feet. 
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